Pinching Pennies on Auto Insurance

Is money tight and you have already cut all unnecessary spending out? Check your auto insurance policy.
How can you obtain a cheap car insurance policy? There are several ways in which to save money on auto insurance. Start by looking over your currently policy very closely; look for things you can cut out of your policy that really aren’t all that necessary to have. How many insurance policies do you have? Most insurance companies offer great discounts for combining all insurance policies together. Home owners insurance or renters insurance can be included in policies that cover the car or truck and recreational vehicles. Check to see if all the policies can be combined and if so is the discount worth it?

If you are considering changing your insurance company, it is always best to do your shopping before your policy expires. If a lapse of coverage, for even a few days, happens your premiums will go up. Maybe not by a staggering amount but enough to put a check on your safe driver’s discount.

Take stock of all vehicles owned, how often they are driven, are they low key vehicles or vehicles that are likely to be stolen? Annual reports are published, listing cars that are most likely to be stolen or pulled over by the police. If you own a sports car you will more than likely not get a real huge discount. Not only do they attract the attention of would be thieves but the police will be looking for them as well. A vehicle that has not been driven for a year or more can possibly be dropped from the insurance policy. However keeping that auto on the policy may save a little more money than only insuring one vehicle.

Don’t over look your vehicles safety features either. Some insurance companies offer discounts for airbags, seat belts that operate automatically, anti-theft devices, daytime running lights and anti-lock brakes. If the vehicle has the safety features make sure you get the discount for them, if your insurance company offers it.

Don’t jump on the roadside assistance plan your insurance company may offer. Check into the various road side assistance programs and see if they can give you a package that is more financially suitable than the one the insurance company offers. Insurance companies may give decent discounts for having the road side assistance purchased already.

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