Insure to Save a Buck

How can one save money on auto insurance? Review your auto policies every year. Look at the policy, write all the numbers down and then call your insurance company to see if there are ways to bring the premiums down and still be in line with all local and federal guidelines for auto insurance.


List all the vehicles that are currently owned by you. This means all recreational vehicles, RV’s, boats, ATV’s, cars and trucks. Then consider how often you use these vehicles. If a family car and the four wheel drive pick-up or SUV are on the same policy, consider which one should stay at home more.

Some insurance companies offer a variety of packages when insuring recreational vehicles are concerned. Is the RV on the road all year long or only during the summer time? Check to see if your insurance companies offers a plan where you can pay only when the RV is in use. The rest of the year the vehicle is considered in storage. The same can be done with insuring motorcycles an other recreational vehicles.


Check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for an occupational discount. Some insurance companies take occupation and/or the lack of employment into account. If your occupation is deemed low risk by your insurer, make sure you get that discount or take that information and shop other insurance companies. Always compare prices you may find that your current insurer may not be saving you as much as another company might. If your employer offers membership with Auto clubs or Professional organizations, check with your insurance to see if that may qualify you for a discount.

Shop Around

Don’t just take your insurance agency word for it. Check around and compare. Smaller companies may be able to offer a better savings with a package that is costumed tailored to suit your needs, so don’t forget the little guy. Larger companies may offer a better discount in some areas as where the smaller company may offer better discounts in other areas. Weigh the options.

Driving Record

It is vital in maintaining a good driving record. A slip up could cost you more than you bargained for. An at fault accident will raise your premiums as will a DUI, driving without insurance and various tickets. So keep that driving record sparkling and drive safely.

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